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  • Author Introduction Contest

    Posted by Christine Spurling at 2/22/2017

    Do you want to meet and shake hands with

    Jason Reynolds or K.A. Holt?

    This is your chance!

     Reynolds   Holt

    Write a creative introduction


    before our authors speak. 


    Creativity and factual information are a must! 


    DEADLINE:   Friday, March 3rd

    Submit in person or by email: 

    Mrs. Spurling ( OR

    Mrs. Phillips (



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  • Spinal Screenings

    Posted by Karen Kay at 2/22/2017


    A spinal screening will be offered to 6th grade girls and 7th grade girls (who are new to CPS or who have had a previous abnormal screening) as well as 7th and 8th grade boys.


    Gentry's screenings will be done Monday, February 27th and Tuesday, February 28th. If your child is absent on one of those two days the make-up screenings will take place throughout the remainder of the week during PE classes.


    Although this screening is not mandatory, it is an important part of our health program and we strongly urge l00% participation.  If the student is not to participate, advance written notification by a parent/ guardian must be provided to the school nurse. 


    1. What is a spinal screening?

    It is a quick and simple examination of the back to detect abnormalities such as scoliosis, a lateral curvature of the spine, and kyphosis, an abnormal backward protrusion of the spine.

    1. What is the screening process?

    All students need to be bare-backed to properly view the back.  Girls may wear halter tops, swimsuit tops or bras.  The student stands on a designated mark in front of the screener.  The nurse will ask the student to assume certain movements to visualize the shoulders, back and waist from different angles. 

    1. What happens if an abnormality is suspected?

    Students will be re-examined after the first screening and parents/guardians will be notified if an abnormality is suspected.  It is recommended to contact your health care provider for further medical evaluation. 

    1. What causes a spinal abnormality and how is it treated?

    The cause of most spinal abnormalities is unknown.  There seems to be a hereditary factor in some instances.  Your provider will evaluate and determine the best plan of treatment.  Most cases are evaluated over a period of time, while some may require braces or surgery. 

    1. Why have a spinal screening program?

    Spinal abnormalities are not preventable.  Early detection and appropriate treatment are the most effective means to prevent long term adverse effects.  

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  • 7th Grade Vaccines needed

    Posted by Karen Kay at 2/21/2017


    (and 11th Grade Guardians)


    The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services recently revised the Missouri School Immunization Requirements, specifically for current 7th and 11th graders.  Beginning with the 2016 – 2017 school year, the following immunizations will be required:

    • For all incoming 8th grade students, one Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) vaccine will be required if the student has not received a Td booster since August 2015. In addition, one meningococcal vaccine (meningitis) will be required.
    • For all incoming 12th grade students, two doses of meningitis vaccine (MCV) will be required unless the first dose was administered at age 16 or over, in which case only one dose will be required. The first and second dose of this vaccine must be separated by 8 weeks.

    If your child has received a recent Tdap and/or meningitis vaccine, please send proof of the immunization to your school nurse or have the health care provider fax the immunization record to the school nurse at 214-3241.

    If your child has not received these vaccines, the immunizations need to be completed before they can attend 2017 summer school and /or receive schedules for the 2017-2018 school year in August. 

    Immunizations are available from:

    • Local health care providers
    • Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services, 1005 W. Worley, no appointment necessary; M-F 8-4:30.

    For questions regarding your child’s vaccination history, please call your school nurse at 214-3246.


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  • Middle School Chess Tournament Results

    Posted by Christine Spurling at 2/21/2017

    The Gentry chess team won first place in the middle school competition. Shenice Watkins and Matthew Qian earned co-champion honors for the competition. Other team members earning medals were Noah Robinson, Gianna Durante and Caleb Froman. Congratulations!

    Chess Winners

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  • Gentry Spelling Bee

    Posted by Christine Spurling at 2/16/2017

    Gentry's annual spelling bee was held on January 24th with 32 students qualified to participate. Our winner is Aiden Jackson from team 6B and 2nd place goes to Kartikeye Gupta from team 6A. Congratulations to all of the participants!


    Winners   Group

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  • 7th and 8th Grade Track

    Posted by Christine Spurling at 2/9/2017

    If your current 7th or 8th grade student is interested in participating on our track and field team, please see the below link outlining MSHSAA requirements, practice schedules and track meet and invitational dates.  All 7th/8th grade students who participate in track and field are required to have a current MSHSAA physical and insurance paperwork packet on file in the main office.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 214-3240.

    MSHSAA Paperwork

    Track and Field Paperwork


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  • 7th and 8th Grade Electives Enrollment Information

    Posted by Christine Spurling at 2/7/2017

    Click on a link below to learn more information about 7th and 8th grade electives.

    7th Grade Request Form

    8th Grade Request Form

    2017-18 Course Descriptions

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  • Former Gentry Students Recognized at State Capitol

    Posted by Christine Spurling at 2/3/2017

    Event: National History Day at the Capitol

    Sponsored by: The State Historical Society of Missouri

    To Honor: Missouri state finalists in the 2016 National History Day competition.

    Former Gentry EEE students, Greta McNamee and Amanda Kurukulasuriya (currently 9th graders at RBHS) were recognized on the Missouri House and Senate floors on February 1, 2017 for their participation in the 2016 National History Day competition.  Both girls were finalists in Missouri’s state National History Day competition last spring.


    NHD sign
    Greta McNamee (left) and Amanda Kurukulasuriya (right) in the Rotunda of the Capitol

    Rowden and girls

    Greta (left) and Amanda (right) with Senator Caleb Rowden (center).

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  • Congratulations to our Gentry 8th Grade Band!

    Posted by Christine Spurling at 1/30/2017

    Band performance

    8th Grade Gentry Band students were honored to be selected to perform at the Missouri Music Educators Association state conference last week.  The above picture is from their send-off concert they had at Missouri Theater prior to traveling to Tan-Tar-A for this honor.

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  • 8th graders enrollment information for 9th grade

    Posted by Danielle Sipe at 1/20/2017

    RBHS Website:

    Counseling voiced over power point

    RBHS home page – Guidance -  Registration – 2017-2018 Enrollment – Rising Freshman enrollment presentation


    Curriculum videos

    RBHS Home page – Family Resources – Course Fair videos 9th grade

     High School Registration Guide

    9th Grade Classes at CACC

    CACC Courses and Grade Levels


    CACC Website:

    Course videos  

    CACC home page - Career Path – Courses/video link

    Summer School:

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