Book Review Form - please print a copy to complete and turn in


* Commit to reading at least 8 award winning books (or books that have been approved by Mrs. Dempsey or Mrs. Harre).  Some class read alouds may count.

* When you finish a book, you will need to complete a book report form (see above) and then have a conference with Mrs. Dempsey, Mrs. Harre, Ms. Odum or other teachers as arranged

* Complete one project

* Parents are asked to work the fall or spring book fair in order to pay for our Reading Club Celebration expenses.  Parental help is vital at the Book Fair.  Parents are asked to work a two hour shift.  Reading club students can help at the book fair with their parent.


 Meetings are on Fridays during lunch

 Sept. 18, 2015              Introductory Meeting

Sept. 22, 2015              Permission Slips Due

Oct. 23, 2015                Meeting

Nov. 11-13, 2015        Book Fair (Parent/student help)

Dec. 4, 2015                 Meeting

Jan. 8, 2016                  5 Books Completed Deadline

Jan. 15, 2016                Meeting

Feb. 19, 2016               Meeting

Feb. 24-26, 2016         Book Fair (Parent/student help)

Mar. 9, 2016                 All Books read/Projects Due

Mar. 11, 2016              Meeting - Project Share

Mar. 21, 2016               Celebration Event (tentative)