• February 16-23, 2017

    Posted by Kris Detmer at 2/16/2017


    Read: It's Okay to Be Different, by Todd Parr

    Watch a short video about Todd and his book It's Okay to Make Mistakes.

    Use Smart Notebook to create our own Todd Parr style pictures!



    Read: Desmond and the Very Mean Word: A Story of Forgiveness

    Computer Lab:  Create a Word Cloud of kind words.



    Typing Club

    Introduce Oregon Trail

    Information about the Oregon Trail

    Oregon Trail Game:

    Oregon Trail


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  • February 10-15

    Posted by Kris Detmer at 2/10/2017

    Valentine's Fun!


    Watch a MyOn Reader book about Valentine's day and make Valentine's pictures using Smart Notebook.



    Watch a MyOn Reader book about Valentine's day and make Valentine's pictures using Smart Notebook and print them.

    When you are done, you may do one of the following:

    Valentine Hunt  Valentine's Day Puzzle



    Watch a video about Valentine's Day.

    When you're done with other activities, here's a Valentine's Crossword Puzzle or a Valentine's Word Search


    3rd grade will design Valentine's cards using Canva.


    4th and 5th will use Excel to reveal a mystery picture.


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  • December 6-9, 2016

    Posted by Kris Detmer at 12/6/2016

    https://hourofcode.com/star-warsHour of Code!

    Video #1 (2:22)


    Video #2 (1:00)


    FuzzFamily Video




    Mrs. Rowe

    Mrs. Rowe


    Mrs. Maddox

    Mrs. Maddox





    Mrs. McBride


    Mrs. Liebhart


    Mrs Lombardi


    Mrs. Perkey





    Mrs. Ventrillo


    Mrs. Renaldi



    4th & 5th









    Star Wars

    Star Wars




    Anna and Elsa



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  • November 21-29, 2016

    Posted by Kris Detmer at 11/21/2016


    Monster Mansion Match

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  • November 7-14

    Posted by Kris Detmer at 11/7/2016

    If you were President

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  • November 1-4

    Posted by Kris Detmer at 11/1/2016


    This week in computer lab, kindergartners will listen to Rex Wrecks It, check out, and learn to log in all by themselves!


    Multiage students will vote for their favorite Show-me nominee and then explore Pebble Go.


    3rd grade students will begin thier research project on Pebble Go.


    4th grade will do ST Math and a mystery Microsoft Excel activity.


    It's voting time!  They've heard about the candidates, made election posters, and now it's time to vote!  Who will our 5th graders elect for president... Duck or Squid?


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  • October 13-18, 2016

    Posted by Kris Detmer at 10/12/2016

    4th Grade


    Newsela "Back Channel"


    5th Grade

    Duck vs. Squid on PosterMyWall


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  • October 7-10, 2016

    Posted by Kris Detmer at 10/7/2016


    1st & 2nd Grades

    3rd Grade

    4th Grade

    5th Grade

    This week we'll look at some of the campaign posters used in the past and create our own campaign posters for our candidates, Duck and Squid.


    Library of Congress Campaign Posters Gallery  


    *Discovery Ed. Video on campaigning: Citizen’s Rule: How We Elect a President (Segment 4 of 4)



    *Poster my wall: Campaign posters


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  • October 3-6, 2016

    Posted by Kris Detmer at 10/3/2016


    ABCYa Paint ABCYa House


    1st and 2nd

    We will read Yoda: A Cat and his Kittens and work on creating, formatting, and printing our first and last names in Microsoft Word.


    3rd and 4th

    We will practice our keyboarding by creating a Word Cloud.

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  • September 27-30, 2016

    Posted by Kris Detmer at 9/27/2016

    Multiage 1st/2nd:

    We will continue reading the Show-me Award Nominees for this year with Gaston

    In the lab, we will practice alphabetical order and keyboarding skills.


    Alphabetical order games

    abc games



    5th Grade

    We're going to start or presidential election campaign!  No, not those folks... it's Duck vs. Squid!

    President Duck President Squid

    We'll start by reading about our candidates and comparing and contrasting them:

    Compare and Contrast Template


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